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About us

Over half a century back, the vision and compassion of Vaidya Raj Bhola Nath Dilawari gave birth to the legacy of caring for the deprived masses. He combined in a very unique fashion, great vision, with vast knowledge of the most ancient system of medicines- The Ayurveda. The result of these untiring efforts is an array of over 50 unique preparations, designed to treat common ailments and providing efficacy and safety.

Being loyal to this legacy, since then, Kashmir Group of Companies have been manufacturing Herbal Medicines (Patent and Classical),Wellness products and Hernal extracts to ellivate the sufferings of the ailing masses.

Kashmir Group As it stands today - At presents the group has the manufacturing facility at three locations catering to different product ranges and markets. Two plants at Amritsar under the name & style of Kashmir Ayurvedic Works and Kashmir Herbal Remedies are producing herbal medicines including the patent and classical medicines for the Indian market as well as the overseas market whereas the third plant a fully owned subsidiary of Kashmir Herbal Remedies is engaged in the manufacturing of herbal extracts and wellness products. In all more than 350 products are prepared for varied ailments.


All this units have one of the most modernist plants for the manufacturing of Herbal medicines, wellness products and the Herbal extracts. All the age old traditional methods of manufacturing are so taken up in the most modernized machines ensuring their full efficacy and hygiene.


Kashmir Group has divided its Research and Development into two distinct areas. In Ayurvedic lines, the emphasis is on reformulations and research among traditional products. Reformulations of the products is also taken up to improve the acceptability of the product.

In other area of Ayurvedic Research and Development new products are sought to be formulated. Using sophisticated modern means, traditional herbs and other ingredients have been put together to form new preparations. Kashmir Group is continuously engaged in Research and Development activities to stay way ahead of competition and to identify other product lines for development.


Kashmir Group of companies adopt a positive attitude towards modern day business practices. Highly qualified and specialised person are vigorously involved in the day to day growth. The Key to the efficacy of products is the modernization of methods of qualitative Analysis. This goes towards more efficient standardization of active ingredients in every products, so very important in the pharmaceuticals industry.

As the latest manufacturing methods for making the traditional products in modern dosage forms are undertaken, Quality control procedures applicable to Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly followed.


The marketing effort by the parent company Kashmir Ayurvedic works was started in rural India, strategy in consonance with the founderís policy of reaching as much medication to as may people as possible, which necessitated emphasis on the rural sector, where maximum number of people were deprived of the basic amenities of life. Kashmir Group ever ever since its existence has persisted in selling its products at as low a price as possible, taking care to maintain very high standard of quality. The focus had always been on the economical prices, a factor the management has always considered most essential in the field of Health and caring.

Today marketing priorities involve urban India and export market as well, with new products developed specially for these markets and up gradation of the older established products. Kashmir Group is one of the leading suppliers to various govt. organization in India engaged in the purchase of herbal products.

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