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Cough Management


  • Prevents cronic cough releives, muscles spasm and cures productive as well as dry cough.
  • Releives respritory discomfort soothes irritated bronchioles and cures cronic bronchites.
  • Provides anti-viral and anti-inflammatory action, releives congestion and eases breathing in asthematic conditions.


Each 10ml contains liquid eztract of :

Ingredients Latin Name Qty.(Mgms)
Aroosa Adhatoda Vasika 300mg
Mulethi Glycyrrhiza Glabra 300mg
Sounf Zingiber Officianalis 50mg
Hansraj Adiantum Capillus 200mg
Pushkarmool Irisflorentina 100mg
Somlata Augustifolia 200mg
Banafsha Viola Odprata 200mg
Shleshmantak Cordia Latifolia 200mg
Tankan Kshar Sodil Biboras 75mg
Kulanjan Slpinia Galanga 100mg
Tumke- Kahu Lactuca Scaricla 300mg
Talispatra Taxus- Baccata 200mg
Resha Khatmi Althasa Officianalis 200mg
Dhatur Patra Argemona Maxicana 100mg
Tulsi Patra Ocimum Sanctum 200mg
Satpodina Mentha Sulvastris 10mg
Karpoor Camphor Officinarum 15mg
Sugar   QS


Productive & Non Productive cough, Acute and Chronic bronchitis.

Dosage : 1-2 T.S.F 3times a day


. Syrup 100 ml bottle.

Uses Of Main Ingredients :

Adhatoda Vasika (Aroosa) :
A protent bronchodilator, liquefies viscid mucus, releives cough and breathlessness and treats bronchitis and asthama.
Glycrrhiza Glabra (Mulethi) :
Controls bouts of cough, releives bronchial spasm, soothes sore throat and gently clears the respiratory tract.
Zingiber Officinalies (Sonth) :
Acts as expectorant, clears hoarseness of voice and releives dry and irritable cough.
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