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Ayunzyme Syrup:

  • Regulate bowel movement , releives constipation and diarrhea and removes accumulated toxinns with in the body.
  • Reduces nausea and distress after eating , dispels gas from antesttines and flight abdominal pains .
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens intestines , wards off stomach ailments and eliminates chances of stomach ulcers .



Each 10 ml. Contains liquid extract.

Ingredients Latin Name Quantity Part used
Haritaki Terminalia Chebulla 150 Mg Fruit
Saunf Pimpinella Anissum 100 Mg Seeds
Ajwain Ptycotis Ajowan 200 Mg Seeds
Soya Peucedanum Graveolens 100 Mg Seeds
Varch Accorus Calamus 100 Mg Roots
Sonth Zingiber Officianalis 50 Mg Rhizzome
Nagar Motha Cyprus Rotundus 100 Mg Roots
Chitrak Mool Plumbago Zeylenica 150 Mg Roots
Ravand Chini Rheum Emodi 100 Mg Roots
Lavang Myrtus Caryophyllus 50 Mg Fruit
Amla Emblica Officianalis 150 Mg Fruit
Sat Podina Mentha Piprita 10 Mg Sublimate
Karpoor Camphora Officianarim 20 Mg Sublimate
Sugar Q.S Q.S  


Chronic Gas, Indigestion, Irregular Bowels.

Dosage :

1-2 times a day


Syrup 200ml. bottle.

Uses Of Main Ingredients :

Plumbago Zeylanica( chitrak mool)
Dgestive stimulant , augment appetite , ensures proper & complete digestion & relieves constipation .
Zingebar Officinalis(sonth) Promotes absorption of nutrients , treats dyspesia , heart burn , bloating , flatulence and prevents motion sickness .
Piper Nigrum(mirch) enhances the flow of saliva & gastric juices , regulates digestive system and treats acidity , haeviness and indigestion .
Ferula Asafoetida 7 Carum Cauticum(hing 7 ajwain) An effective digestion boosterwhich dispels gas & disinfect the digestive system naturally .
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