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Female Disorder

Femomyn Syp

  • Exhibits anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, regulates normal menstrual flow and improves mood.
  • Tonifies reproductive system, restores energy and wellness, purifies blood and promots immunity.
  • Reinforces uterine musculature, mitigates menorrhagia & leucorrhea and reduces colicky abdominal pain assosiated with dysmenorrhea.


Each 10 ml contains aqueous extract of :

Latin Name Qty.(Mgms)
Bauhinia Variegata 100 Mgms.
Saraca Indica 200 Mgms.
Rubia Cordifolia 150 Mgms.
Plumbago Zeylanica 100 Mgms.
Symplocos Racemosa 200 Mgms.
Terminalia Arjuna 200 Mgms.
Glycyrrhiza Glabra 100 Mgms.
Tinispora Cordifolia 150 Mgms.
Emblica Officianalis 300 Mgms.
Terminalia Chebula 150 Mgms.
Ptychotis Ajovan 50 Mgms.
Gingiber Officianalis 200 Mgms.
Cyperus-Rotundus 200 Mgms.
Impomea Digitata 100 Mgms.
Withania Somniferra 100 Mgms.
Tribulas Terrestries 200 Mgms.
Cichorium Intybus 100 Mgms.


Menstrual Disorder, Menopausal Disturbances, Health Supplement For Ladies.

Dosage : 5-10 ml 3-4 times a day

Presentation :

Syrup 200ml. bottle.

Uses Of Main Ingredients :

Saraca Indica (Ashok Chhal) :
Rejuvenates female reproductive system, regulates menstrual cycle and arrests excessive menstural bleeding and vaginal discharge.
Rubia Cordifolia (Majith) :
Stimulates uterine function, rectifies functioning of female genital system and reduces abnormal uterine bleeding.
Glycyrrhiaza Glabra (Mulethi) : Improves adrenal function, promotes normal ovulation, and prevents cramping and moodiness.



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