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Liver Disorder

Hepta 10 Syrup

  • Rekindles hunger , resolves dyspepsia and chronic diarrheal condition and treats liver and spleen disorders .
  • Regulate bile productionand expulsion , improves digestion & assimilation and controls dyspepsia and jaundice .
  • Stimulate sluggish liver , regulates metabolism , normalizes liver activity and reduces swelling of liver ann hapatomegaly.


Each 10ml contains liquid extract of :

Ingredients Latin Name Qty.(Mgms) Part Used
Kutki   100 Mg  
Bhumiamla Phyilanthua Niruri 200 Mg Plant
Bhring Raj Exlipta Eractac 200 Mg Plant
Chitrak Mool Plumbvaga Zuylanika 150 Mg Roots
Punarnava Mool Boerhaavia Diffusa 250 Mg Roots
Kasni Beej Cichorium Intybus 200 Mg Seeds
Makoya Solanum Nigrum 100 Mg Fruits
Sharpunkha Galega Purposa 200 Mg Roots
Giloy Tinospora Cordifoila 200 Mg Stems
Nishodh Ipomosa Turpethum 100 Mg Roots
Ajwain Ptychotis Ajwain 100 Mg Seeds
Daru Haridra Berberis Aristata 200 Mg Roots
Sugar QS    


Protects the liver against Hepatotoxins, Corrects Liver Dys function & damage, promotes Appetite & Gerneral Metabolism.

Dosage :-1-2 T.S.F three times a day.


100-200 ml. litter bottle.

Uses Of Main Ingredients :

Rauwolfia sepentina (sarapgndha ) Lowers blood pressure and also has potent antiarrhythmric effect .
Carallium rubrium ( paraval pishti ) An astringent , nervine , cardiac muscles and reduces meloncholia and palpitation .
Terminalia Arjun ( arjun chaal ) Improves pumping activity of heart by strenthening cardiac muscles and averts possible tendency of heart attack and other heart trouble .
Oyster Shell ( mukta shukti pishti ) Supports healthy heart function and blood pressure , and maintains normal place of heartbeat .
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