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Skin Care

Dermacid Syrup:

  • Naturally strengthens immune system , and protects against pathogens and varied skin manifestations .
  • Healsup infected chronic wounds , suppuration and oozing inflammatory skin ailments .
  • Acts as antihistaminic against urticaria and other allergic conditions and depresses itching sensation .



Each 10ml . contains liquid extract of :

Ingredients Latin Name Qty.(Mgms) Part Used
Gorakh Mundi Sphaeranthus Airtus 200mg Fruits
Chopchini Smilax China 100mg Roots
Majitha Rubia Cordifolia 150mg Roots
Duhidra Berberus Aristata 200mg Roots
Khadir Chhal Acacia Catachu 200mg Bark
harrar Terminalia Chebula 200mg Fruit
Giloy Tinospora Cordifolia 200mg Stems
Anantmool Hemidesmus Indicus 200mg Roots
Patrol Patra Trichosanthes Cocumer 200mg Leaves
Brahmi Herpestis Monniera 300mg Leaves
Kanchnar Chal Bauhinia Varriegata 300mg Bark
Neem Patra Melia azadirachta 200mg Leaves
Sugar   QS  


Pruritis, Urticaria, Boils and other skin infections.

Dosage :

1-2 T.S.F 3times a day


Syrup100- 200 ml. bottle.

Uses Of Main Ingredients :

Curcuma Longa ( Hridra)
Removes toxins from the blood , couteracts active inflammation and reduces itching
Terminalia chebula ( Bal Haritaki) Purifies blood , treats chronic ulcerations , and ther skin diseases and promotes wound healing .
Berberis Aristata ( shudh rasanjan) Acts as bitters as has great role in blood purification and increases skin glow.
Bauhinia Varriegata ( Kanchnar chaal)
Tinospora - Cordifolia ( Giloy)
Perks up body 's imune system & helps fight against skin infection .

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